Saturday, January 23, 2010

COME IN TO SEE our new Gallery-Mate, B.J. Faulkner's Lively and Colorful Action Paintings of European Scenes.

Now that we are in the habit of designing a special BOOK for each show - not a catalogue OF the show - we have created the "Bird...watching" Book. As usual, it's my new FAVORITE, and will be 24 pages on fine stock with some wonderful images of birds, nests, eggs, as well as Profiles of some of history's great Bird Artists, and a few powerful stories and poems. We've numbered each book in our limited edition: #1 to #35. Inside we've "tipped-in" a special print (that is, it's just glued in on the bound book page) that I found in a Dickensian book and print shop in London, of the illustrated heads of British birds, and on another page I've glued-in an actual Feather.

NOW THAT WE HAVE BEAUTIFUL WEATHER AGAIN, the gallery-garden update is that all our Tulips came back, in waves of earliest Reds, then many shades of pinks, cerises, and whites, and lastly, the almost black tulips, Now faded past, the beds are full of Lambs'Ear, giant Clovers, Day lilies, Snow-in-Summer, and Buttercups. The foundation bushes of Holly, Rhododendron, Red Barberry, and Azalea are flourishing - the White Azalea was COVERED in spectacular blooms. Now the fat buds of the White Roses are ready to open.

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Jeremiah Dube said...

works are in the making for this show, I will email jpegs for approval to be enterred.

thank, Jeremiah