Friday, August 28, 2009

OLDER POSTS...our History, so far.

When you have time - hit the "older posts" button at the end of a column and scroll through our history of exhibits. We keep a virtual tour of each you can see how the Gallery is re-designed for every exhibit, to better present each theme and artists' point-of-view.

Friday, August 21, 2009

EQUINE BEAUTY, paintings and drawings of Horses and Riders

ALECIA UNDERHILL: "Palomino", oil on canvas

Opening day of our EQUINE BEAUTY exhibit saw over one hundred local horse--and art---lovers crowd into the gallery. Our usual two rooms became three, with the addition of "Room 3" on the second floor to accomodate for the huge number of pieces. For the opening, we also pitched the outdoor tent to try to cast a little more shade during the blistering heat (it wasn't much help!).
JACK MURRAY: Sketch, pen and ink on paper

At 5pm sharp, we introduced an informal reading of several of JACK MURRAY's poems, shared by the voices of James Turner and MaryClaire Wellinger. For the first time, in conjunction with this show, we've designed and published a keepsake book of MURRAY's poems, action drawings, and vintage photographs ($25, for sale in the gallery).
JOHN FLYNN: "Hunt Scene", oil on linen

We are also happy to report that the show had fantastic sales! The public reaction has been wonderful so far, and we can't wait to meet more horse and art lovers to prepare for a future show of the same theme.
Not a DAY goes by thatwe don't meet a new visitor or a new artist!
ANNA HALEY: "White Mare", giclée print on canvas

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More views from our EQUINE BEAUTY exhibit, August-October, 2009

MARILYN FALLON: "Foal with Lightning Bolt", graphite pencil on paper
To mark the beginning of our second year, we opened of our tenth show:
"EQUINE BEAUTY: Art of the Field, Trail, and Paddock"...
EQUINE BEAUTY featured the work of eighteen artists from the North Shore and around the U.S., all of whom shared a passion for horses, working in oils, acrylics, graphite, ink, collage, wood-and-canvas sculpture, photos, and prints. Subject matter included exciting New England fox hunting and polo scenes, as well as peaceful observations of grazing horses and tranquil rides.
Featured artists included Jack Murray, an illustrator and poet from North Beverly, whose sketches and poems are drawn from memories of over thirty years of riding in New England; Emile Bellott from Beverly, whose photographs give viewers an intimate look into the world of the Hunt; Anna 'Pansy' Haley of Beverly and Wenham, whose oil paintings reflect the complex emotional and very lively views of horses; and Marilyn Fallon, an illustrator originally from Salem (now living in Florida) who creates breathtaking drawings based on her deep understanding of horse anatomy and behavior. Laura Elkins Stover of Topsfield paints The Hunt; John Flynn captures the classic New England huntsmen in timeless Oils; Olivia Clove is a self-taught painter who depicts the animals she loves in lively portraits; Fred Kepler has created powerful moments on canvas of the Myopia Polo Games; Alecia Underhill from Rhode Island was found at the Annual RISD Alumni sale with her oversized canvases and prints of unusual compositions; Renee Mallett and Vivian Earabino are local photographers who follow the horse Events and Trials, and join Laura Graf in the pursuit of elusive equine beauty; Cheryl Polcaro, printmaker from Montserrat as well as a Veterinarian, fascinated visitors with her out-sized monographs including a saddle, boots, and stirrup; her husband, Tom Polcaro, also from Montserrat draws with graphite powder to generate extreme subtleties; photographer Bill Wasserman has caught some elegant and romantic views of the horse both in the French countryside and his local Ipswich; John Paquette of Connecticut and Michael Pasquale of Boston - both professional architects - present their views of the horse in dramatically different ways...Pasquale suggests a Friesian Horse in abstract sculpture, while Paquette renders miniature drawings in pen and ink.
Several artists on display also included prints for sale.
* Fine "giclee" reproductions on canvas or art-papers, reductions of originals ready to frame, and sets of cards for mailing or framing. Most Photographers are prepared to offer further reproductions of prints in various sizes.

The Gallery is located at 152R Main Street, Wenham MA, 01984, and is open weekly from Thursday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm, and Tuesdays by appointment. (978)468-1944.