Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reviews...and Gallery Pictures

"F R A G I L E   W O N D E R S", Cut Paper Artists, November 8 to December 10..................

GILES LaROCHE, STEPHANIE McGRAIL-LeTENDRE, HOLLY MEADE, and DENISE ORTAKALES  are gathering awed reactions by every visitor..."OMG ! ", predominating, and, "I've never seen any kind of Art like this before !", constantly repeated.  I've had to add several hand-held Magnifying glasses to the installation for viewers to really get close to the "mindboggling" intricacies of Giles' and Stephanie's work. We keep a sturdy stepping stool handy for the kids who come in with parents, so they can climb up for a better view. Book sales are brisk, and most are signed by the illustrators/authors. Several customers have left their books with special notes for the artists to sign them individually. As several of Giles' stunning books are out of print and rare, we've searched and located copies for you , of " SACRED PLACES",  and his Salem masterpiece,"RAGGED SHADOWS".
The Returning customer for this installation is unprecedented.

    We still have several of Orfanos' paintings in our 2nd Floor Gallery. We've recently renovated that Room to display many small works and prints.
"HYPNOPOMPIC REVERIES", Greg Orfanos' provocative show was reviewed in SKIRT MAGAZINE by Alison Murray, Editor...and  in 'wickedlocal', called ..."inventive, ...humorous, dream-like...and whimsical", we are reminded to see his permanent installations  at INDIGO Restaurant in Hamilton, The SOMA in Beverly, and the GULU  GULU CAFE in Salem.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

GREG ORFANOS, "Hypopompic reveries"...(in a constant state of conscious dreaming)

OCTOBER 10th through NOV. 4, the Gallery exhibited a one -man show of GREG ORFANOS,
creating a  funhouse where comic surrealism & mischief meet formal issues of design & color.

"Art is the last stronghold of magic."roy deforest.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


(Gallery views: photos by Sarah Whitling, MCA'09)

drawings and vine sculptures..."

Northshore press review....
haunting abstractions
appear to develop into ghostly narratives. We are invited to weave tales throughout each piece; much as his system
of additive/reductive  strokes and erasures allows him to 
pursue a shape, form, figure...
JENNIFER CUSHMAN's woven constructions incorporate 
hidden cavities,vines interlocking with branches and brush,
creating the accidental...and the deliberate."

Saturday, August 16, 2008

LITTLE GEMS EXHIBIT attracts Montserrat Alumni artists

Eleven Montserrat Alumni and one current student (Sarah Whitling, photo, '09) were among the thirty-five exhibitors at the Gallery this month. Our Call-for-entries parameters of small-size/affordable price brought forth a wide variety of media and topics, as well as alums from quite a span of years at Montserrat. Former students from the 1980's, 90's, and 2000's submitted their current works to the Call, and the publicity brought even more alumni out to check out the Gallery. We are ALWAYS interested in seeing what you're up to, so pass the word along to your fellow alums! In December - "heads up!" - the show will be another Call-for-entries ... and the theme is ... " Winter". No size or price restrictions; MUST be ready for hanging. You can interpret the theme as broadly or specifically as you wish. Get busy!

Our 'Micro-Mini-Mall" site at #152-R Main Street

The Gallery Della-Piana Building is also the home of SEAMS, the couture fashion and accessories boutique. Harper is the designer/creator of original fashions, from elegant evening wear, the most unique brides, tailored women's suits, and adorable separates. Her fine embroideries and beadings are part of the hallmark of her exacting touch. Visit her website at

Friday, August 15, 2008

"In The Garden" exhibit

Our Inaugural Exhibit, 'in the garden', featured Elissa's drawings and paintings, inspired by her own extensive garden in Wenham.
The Grand Opening was July 19th, and hosted a gathering of friends, family, and locals, including many area artists, interested in future Open-Calls to exhibit.
Elissa's intense drawings and focused details are rendered in her signature 'waxed' prisma pencils on Bristol paper. The medium cannot be smudged or erased...demanding that every touch be definitive. Although many viewed the work as obsessively realistic, the result of her singular focus is a virtual abstraction of reality.
Della-Piana's waxed pencil works and Gouaches are also on display and for sale in our 2nd Floor Gallery throughout the year.

About the Gallery

Located in the center of Wenham village, #152-R Main Street is on  Route 1-A...just a few miles from Exit 20A from northern Route 128, in Mass. We're part of an ultra-new 'destination' spot on the North Shore, with our neighbors, SEAMS Couture Fashions, Coast Furniture, Lakakos 'Best-of-Boston' Salon, Over-the-Rainbow, Nazir's Jewels, and the famous Wenham Tea House and Wenham Museum.


Gallery director, Elissa Della-Piana is a nationally featured artist, illustrator, and designer, and has taught at Montserrat College of Art for several decades. She has been a member of the NY Society of Illustrators since 1973.