Sunday, July 24, 2011

our NEW WEBSITE is now replacing this BLOG !

We're no longer keeping a regular update on this case you've noticed!...because we now have a terrific new WEBSITE (same name, that allows us to enter and treat it as a blog. All our links are still there. All our Archives are there.
Thanks to our wonderful designers, Hitomi Fukui & Nobu Tamagawa of ART TECH SOLUTIONS ( I can navigate this site to include both up-to-date messages and dates as well as collecting past events.
The picture is of LAURA GRAF collecting her photo prints from Down to the Sea, which were hightighted in outr COVER article in the latest issue (July-August) of ARTSCOPE MAGAZINE.

Saturday, May 14, 2011 installation in the WENHAM MUSEUM

At the Wenham Museum on Route 1-A, I'm included in their 3rd Annual Interior Design Exhibition...(my 2nd annual). Northshore Designers created Rooms throughout the Museum to showcase their specialties. My 'Room' is an 'Italian' garden patio, inspired by my collection of PIERO FORNASETTI plates...with the exhibition of Stephanie McGrail-Letendre's intricate white-on-white cut-paper works; Ingrid Johnson's Silk Wall-Hanging; my own drawings of views at Castle Hill, Ipswich; and the 1930's charcoal drawings of my uncle, Rafael Della Piana, when he was a student at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts...back when beginners' lessons were to draw from classic Roman sculptures.
The exhibit will be on view through May 22, including Sundays.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

"DOWN TO THE SEA..." May 28 through July 15th.

Maryclaire Wellinger drops off a variety of Sea images: Oils, Watercolors; views/memories...
We have now collected MOST of our expected art works, donated to our Call-For-Entries...We have a wonderful selection of about 200 images...many 3-D as well as quite a few very large pieces. So many crowded event dates up to now, that FINAL SELECTIONS are just being made! So, please wait a few more days for us to get in touch!
Postcard Mailings will be made this weekend! Hopefully, many of you took a handful of cards to distribute also.

Remember... NEW DATE for the OPENING of "Down to the SEA..." (we originally thought, the 15th) NOW MAY 28th, Saturday, from 4 to 6 PM, with informal poetry readings at 5PM. We had to shift the date to allow for several conflicting event dates..... Sorry to inconvenience you all; hoping this is enough time to repoint your calendars! no limit to entries, all media; $7 per processing fee.

Friday, February 25, 2011

My Gallery is not a "white box" gallery, and I was challenged to display extremely contemporary works in such a 'soft' or Livable space.

We were rewarded with a Wonderful Spread in SALEM NEWS.
written by Amanda McGregor, it covers just about
what I hoped to express with this exhibit. So pleased that she 'gets it' and quoted my remarks so carefully...."SOMETHING FROM NOTHING - Wenham gallery takes 'a big leap' into the world of abstract art..."/..."Della-Piana Gallery in Wenham show takes a break from representational art"...the writer goes on to describe each of our six artist's mediums and working methods. to read more; Lifestyles Editor Amanda McGregor can be reached at and on Twitter@AmandaSalemNews.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

STUDIO VISITS and SELECTING the gorgeous art works for this exhibit is all over but for the Raves! Hope to see you in the crowd on this Sunday, 3 to 5 PM.
Our notice for "POINTS of DEPARTURE" is well advertised and getting lots of attention on the back cover of ARTSCOPE Magazine. We mailed out a few hundred cards...are you on our mailing list? And we've printed a beautiful full color Poster of the show, for sale at the Gallery, ($2).

Friday, December 24, 2010

Points of Departure Exhibit: Now - April 21st

REVITALIZING the Gallery in prep for our newest exhibition,
"POINTS of DEPARTURE"...a show of six non-objective Artists...
This is an exhibit of explorations, of deep involvement with craft, form, mathmatics, precision, and indeed, engineering of form and surface. Color will resonate. Power will be expressed with both finite minutia and massive strength.
OPENING RECEPTION will be on Sunday, February 13th, from 3 to 5 PM.
above art: Silverpoint drawing by Pamela Shaw; Canvas Screen by Michael Pasquale.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Special Gallery Visits by Stu Murphy, etc...

TUESDAY, DEC. 14th, Illustrator and children's book author, Frank Riemkiewicz, and our Featured Author, Stuart J. Murphy visited the gallery from 4:30 til 6PM...I know we're not usually open then, but Frank - whose works from three different Murphy books are in the Show, came up for a special visit from his home-studio in Florida with his wife, Sheila Nissley - A Curator of Children's Book Artists' exhibits Nation-wide (Currently, "Fairy Tale Art" at Smith-Kramer in Kansas City, Missouri). Our local Childrens' Librarian, Lorraine Der, joined us to chat and have some books signed. Frank revealed his methods for creating mini-book-dummies, and a fascinating story of his beginnings in the field. He also generously gifted us with copies of his Newest : "The Twelve Days of Christmas in Florida", published by Sterling.

SCHOOL BUS GROUP FROM GLOUCESTER, Thurs., DEC.16th...About 30 First-Graders and their teachers descended upon us at the Gallery at 10 AM (again, very special hours!) to meet Stu Murphy, see the art works, and have the unforgettable fun of being read-to by the jolly author, himself... They stayed about an hour, heard three books, and then 'voted' for their favorite pieces of ART. Most votes went to Remy Simard's Space Adventure images, with determined voices for JoAnn Adinolfi's Leaping Lizards, Marcia Winborn's Big, Bigger, Best and Scott Nash's Henry the Fourth.
After their carefully managed Snack-Time, we saw them off to the Bus...thank you, Miss Crean!

Friday, November 19, 2010

January 21st; Last day of my Sketchbook Exhibit at Montserrat.

January 26th; First day of my Last Semester at Montserrat ! before retiring in May.

February 2nd; My Book-promotion lecture at the Dover, Mass, Garden Club,
"What is a WINTER Garden?"

February 13th, Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; New Opening : "POINTS OF DEPARTURE"
5 non-objective artists in 2-D and 3-D ; Niho Kozuru, Masako Kamiya, Pamela Shaw,
Michael Pasquale, Rose Olson.

April 16th; Montserrat College of Art OPEN HOUSE, Best Juried student work in all Departments.

April 21st; Last day of "Points of Departure".

April 23rd; Deadline for CALL-FOR-ENTRIES : "DOWN TO THE SEA", $7.00 per each entry.

April 30th; Annual ART AUTION for Montserrat...Artists receive 40% of sale of donated
Artworks. We encourage you to donate and attend a lively event!

May 15th; Grand Opening of the new CALL-FOR-ENTRIES, "Down to The Sea"

June 4th; My lecture at the Danvers Art Association, "Keeping Sketchbook Journals"

July 30th; Last day of "Down to The Sea". Pick-up by August 6th.

August.......We will be closed until September4th.

September 4th: Grand Opening of "COLLAGE", an exhibit in 2-D and 3-D of Selected Artists.

November 4th; Last day of "Collage".

November 27th; Opening of New CALL-FOR-ENTRIES, "Animals" (working Title)

Friday, November 12, 2010

EDP has a Show at Montserrat, while the Murphy Book Show is at the D-P Gallery

I'm included in an Exhibit in the Main Gallery, Montserrat College, 23 Essex St, Beverly, with 7 other...obsessive, sketchbook-on the spot- illustrator journalists. Now through January 21, 2011, the M Gallery is open 6 days a week (M-F, 10am-5pm; every Th, 10-8pm; Sat, noon to 5)
When I'm at the College on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have a big block of time free from 3:00 to could meet and give a Tour!!
Gabriel Campanario, A Seattle illustrator who maintains a regular Column in the newspaper, drawing and writing about that local scene; Kyle Lindholm shows drawings from hiding places in Afganistan!; Veronica Lawlor exhibits drawings of world travels, her native NYC and even Boston!; Fred Lynch puts his inimitable twist to elegant and witty drawings from Italy; Margaret Hurst, also of NYC is a remarkable speed drawer of the Figure; own drawings include several of my massive "drawing a day" sketchbooks, drawings on-the-spot at the Grand David Magic Show, and a collection of Fashion Drawings from NYand London costume history installations.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the "MATH=FUN!" Illustration Show...

We had a wonderful Opening Day, October 23.
Walls were usual; art collected, and the New limited edition Book...called: "VISUAL LEARNING",( a Timeline from Cave Art through Illuminated Manuscripts, The Printing Press, Book manufacturing, Electronic communications, innovations in Teaching with Visual Aids, and the great hurrah of Murphy's MATHSTART books)... is now here! From 1 to 3 PM, Stuart and renowned Children's Book critic and biographer, Barbara Elleman, gave a stimulating presentation at the Hamilton-Wenham Library...and signed their books. At 4, we all congregated at the Gallery for Wines, fruits, and goodies, in the perfect wished-for warm weather so our newly pebble-paved outdoors was useful to overflow crowds. Popular illustrator, Steve Kellogg attended, and we talked about having a STEVE KELLOGG exhibition in 2012! Lots of reunions, especially from Many RISD ALUMNI, and warm greetings from friends, families, our Regular Gallery Goers, and happy purchasers of Art and Books. Many of us capped off the evening with dinner at the Tea House, where lovely speeches were made. Here are some pictures of the Day, thanks to our constant photographer, my Intern from Montserrat, Waka Tokuno. Thanks also to my helper, Adam Ziskie, at the bar...recent MCA grad whose first children's book will be coming out in Feb '12!!, and to Corrine Reid, a current Senior at MCA, for her invaluable help on Photoshop.