Thursday, January 8, 2009

" I N T I M A T I O N S " february 7 - march 15 '08

Four fascinating Artists, SAS COLBY, JUDITH DANER, JILL HERRICK-LEE, and LAURIE MILES, who work in 'mixed-media', to say the least, and who construct resonating objects that compel and hold you...perhaps a humorous subtitle might be, "I enjoy being a Girl..."

OUR INITIAL OPENING RECEPTION on Saturday the 7th was attended by about 200 PEOPLE ! who stayed and stayed, bought art, ate tasty bits and wines, and amazingly left the Gallery in pristine condition...even though one could hardly move from one room to another! 
THE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE, North Section, printed two photos (Daner's and Herrick-Lee's) and listed our show as well as this coming Sunday's second Reception...this time, from 3 to 6PM, to get all four artists together...which means SAS COLBY will be coming in from the West Coast. Sas will also be bringing several more Artists' Books...two Painted on Canvas, and her very newest, limited edition, "BUNNIES ON ICE".

Sculptures, Artists' Books, Kinetics, Paintings, explore memories and attitudes connected with little girl games and play, the journey to womanhood, the embrace of fashion, the poetry and art that thrilled... The Show remained on display through MARCH 15th.