Saturday, October 31, 2009

KAREN WATSON'S exquisite collaged writing table dominates the entrance to TABLE MANNERS

JOHN PAQUETTE'S 'DUOMO' table, assembled in reconstructed woods is available in many color combinations of 'naturals', stains, and blacks. 21"x21"x27"tall, $350.

" TABLE MANNERS" Our new exhibit...a group show of 25 artists...Will open on DECEMBER 17th, from 4 to 6 PM, with a holiday party. The show will continue into February; closing day is on Feb. 13th.
Artists have created 2-D and 3-D works that derive from 'Tables'...Still-Lifes, Table-Tops, and TABLES as furniture and sculpture.

Here's our Artist list, alphabetically:
Donna Baldassari, Suzanne Barnes, Emile Bellott, Sheila Boss-Concannon, Allan Brockenbrough, Joseph Capachietti, James Chisholm, Eva Cincotta, Karyl Hayes, Law Hamilton, Michael Hamilton, Marcia Hermann, Mark Hoffmann, Josie Lawrence, Fred Lynch, John Paquette, Michael Pasquale, David Piemonte, Terry Slater, Laura Elkins Stover, Karen Watson, and Alan Witschonke.

October/November 2009
Marylin Hafner - Illustrator, created thousands of elegant and rather nutty drawings for miriad publishers and authors--most notably for Cricket and Ladybug magazines, and award winning children's books.
Her ink and pencil line-control was perfectly paired with each story's whimsey, and she had a brilliant hand with watercolors.

But Marylin herself said, "my best work has been an enormous output of Unsolicited Mail" as a tribute to her indefatigable inventiveness and relentless challenges to the Post Office, we presented a keepsake collection of her treasured* letters and envelopes--an ephemera of Salutes, Sharings, gossamer affronts, and "Irritations" (her word), couched in an anglophilic prose of langorous trivia, frenetic opines, and outright silliness.
We sold many copies of our privately published book of some of her 'immortal' mailings ...see below for a preview pic. The books sell for $30.00, and I've mailed them out around the country for an additional $2. Contact me if you need a copy...
-Elissa Della-Piana

The Gallery Della-Piana

*Thanks, everyone.

That's Abby and Doug Newton on the left, Marylin's daughter and son-in-law, at the opening on October 25th. We had a wonderful crowd of Marylin's family, dear friends, editors, and art lovers. We served Halloween treats in honor of Marylin's favorite holiday!

Visitors were charmed and fascinated by "Room A," which was filled with her children's books and magazine art, but we heard shrieks of laughter from "Room B," in which hung the exhibit of her outrageous illustrated mail!

The Gallery Della-Piana is located at 152R Main Street, Wenham MA, 01984. (978)468-1944. We are open from 11-6 on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and on Tuesdays by appointment only. You can contact us at

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