Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Quick Tour of the Equine Show Installation, On View in the Gallery!

JOHN FLYNN's masterful oil of Hunt Riders...
the first artist to greet you
when entering the Gallery.
In the background (left to right) are
ANNA 'PANSY' HALEY's "White Mare"
and MARILYN FALLON's "Foal with Lightning Bolt."

Our featured Beverly artist and poet, JACK MURRAY, during a visit to the Gallery, stands in front of his on-the-spot rapid drawings. The two drawings on the right, one in dry brush and the other sketchbook page in graphite, briefly demonstrate his control and his command of both horse anatomy and the kinship of the rider to the horse.

Views of installation in the two lower rooms (we call these rooms A and B) give a snapshot of some of the eighteen artists in the show...ANNA 'PANSY' HALEY, EMILE BELLOTT, JOHN FLYNN, JACK MURRAY, and LAURA ELKINS STOVER.