Friday, August 27, 2010

Grand Opening of our Group Show, "Trees"

We guessed that about 160 guests showed up for our "...lovely as a tree" opening on the 14th.
Elissa had the help from her
enthusiastic greeter-staff,
'Becca Buonopane, her
intern from Mass Art,
Rebecca Yankes, her
Gallery Assistant from
Montserrat, and
Amanda Beard, her intern
from RISD.

A crowd assembled
outside to hear
Poetry readings by
Carol Weston, Jack
Murray, and Jim

Viewers clogged the three Gallery Rooms until well past was a great event!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 14th Opening

Our " a TREE" show, August 14th through October 9th. Sixty one artists exhibit 150 pieces!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Behind the Scenes at the Gallery Della-Piana

(Trust us, this is the easiest part.)

We're having a crazy week here at the Gallery Della-Piana. All of us are getting our hands dirty and finding wall paint on our clothes as we prepare for our seventeenth show (already!): "as Lovely as a Tree." The final jurying resulted in 146 pieces...from our largest open-call-for-entries yet! To celebrate this, we decided to refresh our "3rd Room" gallery space in order to adequately display all of the wonderful pieces of tree art. Additionally, due to the number and sheer sizes of many of the works, the show is being hung in Salon Style...the art will cover the walls nearly from floor to ceiling!

The show opening is this Saturday, August 14th, from 4-6pm, with a short poetry reading at 5. It happens to be a Tax-Free Holiday here in Massachusetts, in case you want to have some fun some shopping at our housemate Seams after enjoying our art and poetry. :)

See you then!
-Elissa and the gals

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Over 160 Entries being Juried for TREES' show!

Well, we're guessing that every 'call-for-entries' show will just keep getting Bigger. Even though I held back many potential entries at the signing, we still brought in SO many that we KNOW that some will have to be put aside. We're in the process of turning our 2nd floor "over-Flow" gallery room into a well-lit, beautifully painted ROOM THREE Gallery, to accomodate the Theme Show selections in the strongest way, but we must eliminate perhaps 20 pieces. At this count, the number of Artists is also at an all-time high...57! We'll have our Final Number of pieces we can hang by this weekend, the 7th. We'll call the artists to alert them, then, and the art could be picked up any day the week before Opening, as we'll be here working from 11AM to6PM each Day!...or one could wait until the 14th.
Meanwhile, we're thrilled with the turn-out, and with meeting so many 'new' artists, and with the wonderful array of approaches to the subject. Didn't expect so many Sculptures! There are several that are Figurative, and a few that are even whimsical.
Mailed out our lovely Post card yesterday, designed by new Intern, Becca Buonopane...using her powerful photograph. Announcing the Opening - August 14th, from 4 to 6; with a short Poetry event at 5PM.
We have also sent off all our Digital Pages of the original BOOK for the "as Lovely as a Tree" show, which includes the Art work and/or Poetry of 20 artist friends of the Gallery, as well as some classic favorite poems and quotes.
This book will be in a surprising format that requires a lot of handwork from our team of four, at the last minute, to have it ready for the Opening.
We expect a CROWD, and will hope for a cooler day than the BIRD SHOW opening!