Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reviews...and Gallery Pictures

"F R A G I L E   W O N D E R S", Cut Paper Artists, November 8 to December 10..................

GILES LaROCHE, STEPHANIE McGRAIL-LeTENDRE, HOLLY MEADE, and DENISE ORTAKALES  are gathering awed reactions by every visitor..."OMG ! ", predominating, and, "I've never seen any kind of Art like this before !", constantly repeated.  I've had to add several hand-held Magnifying glasses to the installation for viewers to really get close to the "mindboggling" intricacies of Giles' and Stephanie's work. We keep a sturdy stepping stool handy for the kids who come in with parents, so they can climb up for a better view. Book sales are brisk, and most are signed by the illustrators/authors. Several customers have left their books with special notes for the artists to sign them individually. As several of Giles' stunning books are out of print and rare, we've searched and located copies for you , of " SACRED PLACES",  and his Salem masterpiece,"RAGGED SHADOWS".
The Returning customer for this installation is unprecedented.

    We still have several of Orfanos' paintings in our 2nd Floor Gallery. We've recently renovated that Room to display many small works and prints.
"HYPNOPOMPIC REVERIES", Greg Orfanos' provocative show was reviewed in SKIRT MAGAZINE by Alison Murray, Editor...and  in 'wickedlocal', called ..."inventive, ...humorous, dream-like...and whimsical", we are reminded to see his permanent installations  at INDIGO Restaurant in Hamilton, The SOMA in Beverly, and the GULU  GULU CAFE in Salem.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

GREG ORFANOS, "Hypopompic reveries"...(in a constant state of conscious dreaming)

OCTOBER 10th through NOV. 4, the Gallery exhibited a one -man show of GREG ORFANOS,
creating a  funhouse where comic surrealism & mischief meet formal issues of design & color.

"Art is the last stronghold of magic."roy deforest.