Friday, December 24, 2010

Points of Departure Exhibit: Now - April 21st

REVITALIZING the Gallery in prep for our newest exhibition,
"POINTS of DEPARTURE"...a show of six non-objective Artists...
This is an exhibit of explorations, of deep involvement with craft, form, mathmatics, precision, and indeed, engineering of form and surface. Color will resonate. Power will be expressed with both finite minutia and massive strength.
OPENING RECEPTION will be on Sunday, February 13th, from 3 to 5 PM.
above art: Silverpoint drawing by Pamela Shaw; Canvas Screen by Michael Pasquale.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Special Gallery Visits by Stu Murphy, etc...

TUESDAY, DEC. 14th, Illustrator and children's book author, Frank Riemkiewicz, and our Featured Author, Stuart J. Murphy visited the gallery from 4:30 til 6PM...I know we're not usually open then, but Frank - whose works from three different Murphy books are in the Show, came up for a special visit from his home-studio in Florida with his wife, Sheila Nissley - A Curator of Children's Book Artists' exhibits Nation-wide (Currently, "Fairy Tale Art" at Smith-Kramer in Kansas City, Missouri). Our local Childrens' Librarian, Lorraine Der, joined us to chat and have some books signed. Frank revealed his methods for creating mini-book-dummies, and a fascinating story of his beginnings in the field. He also generously gifted us with copies of his Newest : "The Twelve Days of Christmas in Florida", published by Sterling.

SCHOOL BUS GROUP FROM GLOUCESTER, Thurs., DEC.16th...About 30 First-Graders and their teachers descended upon us at the Gallery at 10 AM (again, very special hours!) to meet Stu Murphy, see the art works, and have the unforgettable fun of being read-to by the jolly author, himself... They stayed about an hour, heard three books, and then 'voted' for their favorite pieces of ART. Most votes went to Remy Simard's Space Adventure images, with determined voices for JoAnn Adinolfi's Leaping Lizards, Marcia Winborn's Big, Bigger, Best and Scott Nash's Henry the Fourth.
After their carefully managed Snack-Time, we saw them off to the Bus...thank you, Miss Crean!

Friday, November 19, 2010

January 21st; Last day of my Sketchbook Exhibit at Montserrat.

January 26th; First day of my Last Semester at Montserrat ! before retiring in May.

February 2nd; My Book-promotion lecture at the Dover, Mass, Garden Club,
"What is a WINTER Garden?"

February 13th, Sunday from 3 to 5 PM; New Opening : "POINTS OF DEPARTURE"
5 non-objective artists in 2-D and 3-D ; Niho Kozuru, Masako Kamiya, Pamela Shaw,
Michael Pasquale, Rose Olson.

April 16th; Montserrat College of Art OPEN HOUSE, Best Juried student work in all Departments.

April 21st; Last day of "Points of Departure".

April 23rd; Deadline for CALL-FOR-ENTRIES : "DOWN TO THE SEA", $7.00 per each entry.

April 30th; Annual ART AUTION for Montserrat...Artists receive 40% of sale of donated
Artworks. We encourage you to donate and attend a lively event!

May 15th; Grand Opening of the new CALL-FOR-ENTRIES, "Down to The Sea"

June 4th; My lecture at the Danvers Art Association, "Keeping Sketchbook Journals"

July 30th; Last day of "Down to The Sea". Pick-up by August 6th.

August.......We will be closed until September4th.

September 4th: Grand Opening of "COLLAGE", an exhibit in 2-D and 3-D of Selected Artists.

November 4th; Last day of "Collage".

November 27th; Opening of New CALL-FOR-ENTRIES, "Animals" (working Title)

Friday, November 12, 2010

EDP has a Show at Montserrat, while the Murphy Book Show is at the D-P Gallery

I'm included in an Exhibit in the Main Gallery, Montserrat College, 23 Essex St, Beverly, with 7 other...obsessive, sketchbook-on the spot- illustrator journalists. Now through January 21, 2011, the M Gallery is open 6 days a week (M-F, 10am-5pm; every Th, 10-8pm; Sat, noon to 5)
When I'm at the College on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have a big block of time free from 3:00 to could meet and give a Tour!!
Gabriel Campanario, A Seattle illustrator who maintains a regular Column in the newspaper, drawing and writing about that local scene; Kyle Lindholm shows drawings from hiding places in Afganistan!; Veronica Lawlor exhibits drawings of world travels, her native NYC and even Boston!; Fred Lynch puts his inimitable twist to elegant and witty drawings from Italy; Margaret Hurst, also of NYC is a remarkable speed drawer of the Figure; own drawings include several of my massive "drawing a day" sketchbooks, drawings on-the-spot at the Grand David Magic Show, and a collection of Fashion Drawings from NYand London costume history installations.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the "MATH=FUN!" Illustration Show...

We had a wonderful Opening Day, October 23.
Walls were usual; art collected, and the New limited edition Book...called: "VISUAL LEARNING",( a Timeline from Cave Art through Illuminated Manuscripts, The Printing Press, Book manufacturing, Electronic communications, innovations in Teaching with Visual Aids, and the great hurrah of Murphy's MATHSTART books)... is now here! From 1 to 3 PM, Stuart and renowned Children's Book critic and biographer, Barbara Elleman, gave a stimulating presentation at the Hamilton-Wenham Library...and signed their books. At 4, we all congregated at the Gallery for Wines, fruits, and goodies, in the perfect wished-for warm weather so our newly pebble-paved outdoors was useful to overflow crowds. Popular illustrator, Steve Kellogg attended, and we talked about having a STEVE KELLOGG exhibition in 2012! Lots of reunions, especially from Many RISD ALUMNI, and warm greetings from friends, families, our Regular Gallery Goers, and happy purchasers of Art and Books. Many of us capped off the evening with dinner at the Tea House, where lovely speeches were made. Here are some pictures of the Day, thanks to our constant photographer, my Intern from Montserrat, Waka Tokuno. Thanks also to my helper, Adam Ziskie, at the bar...recent MCA grad whose first children's book will be coming out in Feb '12!!, and to Corrine Reid, a current Senior at MCA, for her invaluable help on Photoshop.

Friday, October 8, 2010

as One comes Down, Another is 'Waiting in the Wings"

As our 'Tree' buyers pick up their treasures, and 'Tree' artists come to get their work(TRY TO GIVE US SPACE!), we're ready to send our latest limited-edition book out to Press, and are juggling space to pile up the new art coming in from around the Globe! Illustrators of Stuart J. Murphy's books are delivering and mailing their works from the Mid-West, New York, the North West, Italy, Canada, California, the South-West, and New England. The show will include 18 Illustrators (OUR SPACE LIMIT!), in all, although Stuart has created 63 books with dozens of artists.
The Hamilton-Wenham Library will also be sponsoring a talk and presentation about How Illustrators work with words, featuring Barbara Elleman, editor of Booklinks and Bookviews magazines, and Stuart - a Visual Learning specialist, from 1 to 3 on OCTOBER 23. Following the talk, we will host the Gala Opening of the show at the Gallery, from 4 to 6. SEE YOU THERE!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My NEW KITCHEN on Northshore House Tour

The Gallery Della-Piana is always searching for ways to promote our name and our Artists. An opportunity to see fine art and original illustration in the 'living environment', so to speak, came with an invitation from the curators of the Wenham Museum.
As if "nothing much to do..." I've put my newly decorated Kitchen on the HOUSE-TOUR on Saturday, October 2nd, from 11 AM to 4PM. The fund-raising project by the Wenham Museum will feature 9 Kitchens from Wenham, Hamilton, Beverly, and Manchester-by-the-Sea, for a $15.oo tax-deductable ticket. Go to, or call 978-468-2377.
What a project!! Having the Museum deadline has compelled me to do it, at last...Every square inch of the kitchen, featuring new paint, new shelving, new art, and a treasury of tender cooking objects from my own Grandmother's kitchen...her 100 year old pasta rolling pin, ravioli cutter, pizzelle-maker. (and how old IS that bottle of Abruzzi "Centerba" apertivo?)
My personal collection of art on view includes works from Alyssa Watters, Alan Witschonke, Katie Stannard, Paul Davis, David Levine, David Itchkawich, Fred Lynch, Chan Invathong, Caroline Baganol, Kathy Speranza, Niho Kozuru, Frank Valliere, and Courtney McGlynn, as well as Sculptures by Leandro Della Piana, Arcangelo Cascieri, Reno Pisano.
The banquet room will be set for a harvest holiday, and the bright new entry vestibule will feature paintings from some of the artists the Gallery represents...Eva Cincotta and more Alyssa Watters. We report that during the renovations, as Everything from the kichen was removed to the banquet room, it looked frighteningly like those rooms in 'Hoarders' I REALLY edited as it went back. Honest!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

SAVE THE DATES: Oct 23 & Feb 13: letting you know about our up-coming shows

Plans have been
well underway toward
our Next TWO exhibits:
first..."MATH = FUN!"...
EIGHTEEN Illustrators of
internationally popular
MATHSTART Children's Books
Original Art, Limited Edition Prints,
and autographed books. OPENING
on Saturday, OCTOBER 23rd,
with a preview pesentation talk at the Hamilton/Wenham Library
featuring Murphy and renowned Editor, Barbara Elleman:"Visual Learning" from 1 - 3 PM will be lively and interactive, and will be followed by our Open House Reception at the Gallery, from 4 - 6PM. Many of the Illustrators will's the list so far: Jo-Anne Adinolfi, Steve Bjorkman, Renee Andriani, Diane Greenseid, Cynthia Jabar, Brian Karas, Bernice Lum,
Scott Nash, Valeria Petrone, Mike Reed, Frank Remkiewicz, Remy Simard, David Wenzel(see his book cover, above), Marsha Winborn, Lois Ehlert, Michael Rex, Tricia Tusa, & Julia Gorton... MATH - FUN! continues through December 30...
Check out Stu's remarkable books that make learning math as fun as recess!
>< ><>

"POINTS OF DEPARTURE" Five outstanding contemporary artists who work in various media creating non-representational art in 2-D and 3-D, on paper, canvas, wood panels, in constructed forms and cast forms. NIHO KOZURU, MASAKO KAMIYA, MICHAEL PASQUALE, ROSE OLSON, PAMELA C. SHAW. (see Michael's 3-D painting, 75"X24"X6", above).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A few Unusual Constructions in the " a TREE" Show

This carved Pencil (by Deb Barnwell) is twenty-six inches long; the "eraser" is held on with a tin can; we love that it is not absolutely straight! $250.

Laurie Miles' carved and constructed wooden "dinner ring," built with "leaf plywood," and a ceramic egg inside of an acorn cap. $95.

Michael Pasquale's complex construction of canvas, stretched and stitched over wooden armature, and painted in latex acrylics. $2400.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Grand Opening of our Group Show, "Trees"

We guessed that about 160 guests showed up for our "...lovely as a tree" opening on the 14th.
Elissa had the help from her
enthusiastic greeter-staff,
'Becca Buonopane, her
intern from Mass Art,
Rebecca Yankes, her
Gallery Assistant from
Montserrat, and
Amanda Beard, her intern
from RISD.

A crowd assembled
outside to hear
Poetry readings by
Carol Weston, Jack
Murray, and Jim

Viewers clogged the three Gallery Rooms until well past was a great event!