Friday, December 24, 2010

Points of Departure Exhibit: Now - April 21st

REVITALIZING the Gallery in prep for our newest exhibition,
"POINTS of DEPARTURE"...a show of six non-objective Artists...
This is an exhibit of explorations, of deep involvement with craft, form, mathmatics, precision, and indeed, engineering of form and surface. Color will resonate. Power will be expressed with both finite minutia and massive strength.
OPENING RECEPTION will be on Sunday, February 13th, from 3 to 5 PM.
above art: Silverpoint drawing by Pamela Shaw; Canvas Screen by Michael Pasquale.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Special Gallery Visits by Stu Murphy, etc...

TUESDAY, DEC. 14th, Illustrator and children's book author, Frank Riemkiewicz, and our Featured Author, Stuart J. Murphy visited the gallery from 4:30 til 6PM...I know we're not usually open then, but Frank - whose works from three different Murphy books are in the Show, came up for a special visit from his home-studio in Florida with his wife, Sheila Nissley - A Curator of Children's Book Artists' exhibits Nation-wide (Currently, "Fairy Tale Art" at Smith-Kramer in Kansas City, Missouri). Our local Childrens' Librarian, Lorraine Der, joined us to chat and have some books signed. Frank revealed his methods for creating mini-book-dummies, and a fascinating story of his beginnings in the field. He also generously gifted us with copies of his Newest : "The Twelve Days of Christmas in Florida", published by Sterling.

SCHOOL BUS GROUP FROM GLOUCESTER, Thurs., DEC.16th...About 30 First-Graders and their teachers descended upon us at the Gallery at 10 AM (again, very special hours!) to meet Stu Murphy, see the art works, and have the unforgettable fun of being read-to by the jolly author, himself... They stayed about an hour, heard three books, and then 'voted' for their favorite pieces of ART. Most votes went to Remy Simard's Space Adventure images, with determined voices for JoAnn Adinolfi's Leaping Lizards, Marcia Winborn's Big, Bigger, Best and Scott Nash's Henry the Fourth.
After their carefully managed Snack-Time, we saw them off to the Bus...thank you, Miss Crean!