Friday, October 8, 2010

as One comes Down, Another is 'Waiting in the Wings"

As our 'Tree' buyers pick up their treasures, and 'Tree' artists come to get their work(TRY TO GIVE US SPACE!), we're ready to send our latest limited-edition book out to Press, and are juggling space to pile up the new art coming in from around the Globe! Illustrators of Stuart J. Murphy's books are delivering and mailing their works from the Mid-West, New York, the North West, Italy, Canada, California, the South-West, and New England. The show will include 18 Illustrators (OUR SPACE LIMIT!), in all, although Stuart has created 63 books with dozens of artists.
The Hamilton-Wenham Library will also be sponsoring a talk and presentation about How Illustrators work with words, featuring Barbara Elleman, editor of Booklinks and Bookviews magazines, and Stuart - a Visual Learning specialist, from 1 to 3 on OCTOBER 23. Following the talk, we will host the Gala Opening of the show at the Gallery, from 4 to 6. SEE YOU THERE!

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