Friday, May 1, 2009

Young Artists and Readers at the Tomie Show

Lots of Pic's of the TOMIE dePAOLA exhibit...School groups came to TOMIE's show, agape with wonder...this class brought art supplies to copy his work! The little prodigy in the blue dress is 3 years old.
We had such a great time at the Opening, and have seen more and more of Tomie's fans come in every day. Norman Laliberte came by to see Tomie and and tell us that they were studying art together years ago in NY. Tiny tots were star-struck, and grown women told their stories about reading his books as kids and now are reading his books to their own kids. Which is all only the Power of Children's Books is phenominal. 
Happily, there are many collectors of Art, as well, and the thrill of owning a genuine page from one of Tomie's books is parallel to knowing that it will never be devalued!!
We saw almost every new book we stocked the Gallery with, "fly-out-the-door", so had to reorder many more. The first to go were the STREGA NONA Pop-Up books, which are (in Editors' lingo) "over the moon"!

Kids get down to work on their Tomie art...
She was fascinated by Tomie's Fruit Trees...

The Three-year-old is reproducing his Watermelon - which is behind her!

The session ended with a Reading, and the kids sent their art to Tomie for his "collection".

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